Frank Juval Quinones

Entrepreneurial, creative professional full of moxie, with a penchant for knowledge, higher thinking, and systems with twenty-six years of experience in design, brand development, web development, and animation. I’ve developed digital solutions for major corporations including Marriott, Universal, and NBC.

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Edge Animate Prototype
Objective: The IX team needed an animated concept for an ad and this was the result. Click on "Find Out More" to replay.
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Prototype: Expanding/Contracting Banner 01
Objective: Explore some simple ideas for the behavior and animation of this banner. Click on the banner to expand and click on it again to collapse.
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Prototype: Expanding/Contracting Banner 02
Objective: Generate a second behavior for this simple interactive banner.
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Prototype: Comp Grid
Objective: Explore solutions for the comparison grid. The business requirements were to keep Universal's brand header, display the 4 passes for both 2 and 3 parks, add the "buy" buttons, but remove them when the user goes past the comparisson table. Part of the solution was to use the CSS sticky feature.
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Optimus Animation Concept
Objective: After the new direction for branding was being shared internally, I took it upon myself to explore some concepts for motion/animation using After Effects. The purpose of this was to explore and figure out Universal's "brand personality" and help further develop this into the experience language.
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Font Mapping for Universal Parks & Resorts
I was instrumental in the font change from Gotham to Avenir Next for Universal Parks & Resorts digital properties including Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. I helped solved technical font issues in order for the team to test and deploy. I audited the site, put together documentation and tests showing how the font change would affect pages.
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Design, Front End, and Tech Consulting for Universal Orlando Resort
I worked closely with the dev team and helped solve problems with CSS, improve animation timing, improve upon ideas. I also collaborated with teams outside of ours, including the Innovation team where I tested, consulted, and help make decisions for future tech and applications.
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